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New AI features arriving to MIRA

Tamas Kern - July 30, 2018 - 0 comments

While MIRA is being used in practice by an increasing number of customer day by day, we are working hard to develop new features to the app in order to increase the precision of MIRA and improve the user experience.

We are happy to announce that a bunch of such features are ready and got recently introduced to the app! These involve a new AI (Artificial Intelligence) based device detector and also a pupil detector that can evaluate the photos that the users take on the run. These features increase the success rate of the measurements since the users from now on can get an immediate feedback on the quality of the pictures they took and recapture them if necessary.

Those who already made a measurement with the app know that right before the image taking screen the user is asked to stand in front of a half length mirror remove the cover from the device. However, this message sometimes doesn’t reach the goal and the user stands in front of a smaller mirror in which the device is not completely visible or the cover is left on the device. From now on MIRA with the newly implemented Convolutional Neural Network based AI technology can detect if the device is not sufficiently visible in the mirror or if it has its cover on. Therefore it can send a notification to the user to retake the pictures.

During the process of making a measurement you are asked to look into your own eyes in the mirror while MIRA takes two pictures of you. As with any selfies, it can happen that you blinked or just glimpsed at your device exactly when the pictures were taken. MIRA is now able to detect these disturbances, even that you looked down at your device and notify you about it, giving the opportunity to retake the pictures.

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