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Introducing MIRA at

Peter Torma, PhD - May 21, 2018 - 0 comments

We are happy to announce that MIRA was released at at the beginning of March 2018. The United Kingdom based SelectSpecs is the first webshop ever introducing MIRA to the customers. With using an Apple iOS device any customer is able to measure the Pupillary Distance (PD) by the MIRA App. Read more about the MIRA App on the SelectSpecs blog.

We are also sending a survey to all the customers who try the service and the results so far are very promising. More than 95% of the users feel easy or relatively easy to do the image taking the process and more than 80% of users rated the complete user journey ‘good’ or ‘excellent’. More importantly, almost 95% of the users feel more confident buying glasses online knowing that their Pupillary Distance was measured accurately and more than 65% would also use the same online method to get measurements for varifocal lenses. MIRA is already capable of measuring progressive lens fitting parameters online (such as the fitting heights, vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt, wrap angle etc.).

Our next focus is to finalize the Android support so more users can access the app easily. Beside it, we are continuously working on making the user journey even more intuitive and smooth. New deep learning algorithms are being developed in order to increase the success rate of MIRA even more than the current 95%.

If you became interested to try MIRA just order your next glasses at and choose the ‘Get measured by App’ option during the ordering process or if you are interested in our service, drop us a text at

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